Learn What Himalayan Lamps are and What Benefits Himalayan Lamps Are Bringing to the Table

Learn What Himalayan Lamps are and What Benefits Himalayan Lamps Are Bringing to the Table

Natural healing techniques are gaining a lot of popularity and people who believe in it actively invest are investing it them now more than ever. And, why shouldn’t they? Natural treatment remedies are the best way to achieve healing of the mind and the body as it is devoid of all the chemicals which a drug may carry. A very similar product is the ‘Himalayan Salt Lamp.’

They serve a dual purpose, it adds to the aesthetics of your house, where the orange and pinkish hues of the lamp look gorgeous in the room and, two, has the potential of a lot of health benefits.

 What Benefits Himalayan Lamps Are Bringing to the Table

What is so unique about it Himalayan lamps?

The Himalayan salt lamp is said to emit negative ions, which in turn helps in purification and other added effects. This is based on popular beliefs as to how negative ions help in multiple things in today’s world. The Himalayan salt lamp is also said to combat cancer! The wonders of nature I tell you!

It might be hard to believe how a pretty little salt lamp could benefit in the betterment of your health by emitting negatively charged ions, but you have to try it to find it!

To start off, the HPS lamp has the property of helping in better sleep and improving sleep patterns in individuals. Sleep, as we know is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle- the HPS lamps apparently assist us in monitoring it. Blood circulation monitoring is also another use of the salt lamp in our daily life.

These lamps also help in the production of serotonin from our brain which on the other hand combats the usual diseases of an urban lifestyle, like asthma, allergies, etc.

The "real science" behind the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp

The “real science” behind the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp

The physics which lies behind the mechanism of this HPS lamp are that, the negative ions help in neutralizing the electromagnetic radiation omitted in the household and thus prevents static electricity from building up. Now, salts are hygroscopic elements, meaning, they can absorb moisture from its surroundings, in this case, the air in the atmosphere.

The dirt, vapor, dust particles which are entrapped in the moisture present in the atmosphere gets trapped by the salt, and this helps in purification of the air. Ultimately, pure water in the form of moisture is released into the atmosphere, resulting in cleaner air ventilation.

Unfortunately, this could only be possible to an extent. There is only a limit to which the salt will be able to absorb water, and beyond this, it will reach a saturation point. However, there is another twist to this. The salt could be dried, just like silica particles, and hence the moisture could be gotten rid of. Owing to this fact, the Himalayan pink salt could work! The negative ions are released when the lamp is heated up.

Learn What Himalayan Lamps are and What Benefits Himalayan Lamps Are Bringing to the Table

Highlighting some of the health benefits 

Since the primary role of the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp is for health benefits, it is only reasonable to draw some light on the major impact it has on our health and overall life. Some of the health benefits are given below.

  • Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation 

Due to the high amounts of electromagnetic emissions from the surroundings, like laptops, phones, AC’s, etc., human beings are now surrounded by positively charged ions released by these devices. Now the problem behind this is that these ions cause various deadly diseases in humans which may even cause death. Radiation of any sort is dangerous for the human body.

Some of the examples of the ill effects of EM radiation to the body are increased stress levels, lowered immune response of the body, frequent susceptibility to diseases, chronic fatigue, etc.

But, there is a factor which needs to be kept in mind while relating reduction of positive ions with the use of the Salt Lamp. The amount of radiation is so high that a tiny lamp would not be able to neutralize the vast number of positive ions. Hence we can only mention that it helps in controlling and not omitting entirely.

  • Purification of Air

As mentioned before, the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp has multiple benefits, and air purification tops the list. From the smoke, dist, pollen and other allergens which are freely dispersed in the air- the lamp helps in reducing the amount if not remove it.

Since the lamp is hygroscopic, the extent to which it can absorb impurities is quite efficient and thus purifies the air. In a recent study among the salt miners in Poland, it was found out the miners who breathe in the air filtered by this salt, have more chances of not acquiring respiratory problems and diseases.

However, again the amount of air the tiny lamp would be able to purify is questionable. A direct comparison could be made with the salt spas in Europe and how huge tiles of salt help in purification.

  • Improvement in the quality of breathing

The cilia that are present in our nostrils are natural filters which help in preventing excess impurities from entering our respiratory tract. Now, it has been a proven fact that the cilial activity in our windpipe increases in the presence of negative ions and reduces when there are too many positive ions.

The negative ions which are released from the Himalayan Pink Salt thus work in the same way.

  • Reduction of symptoms of Asthma and Allergy 

The salt lamps come with an inhaler which has proven to be of good use to users. The inhalers which come along with the lamp hugely help patients who have respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc. This is again because the salt aids in absorbing minute particles and keeps the air comparatively clean. People often invest on more than one lamp in such cases.

  • Increase in the level of energy of the surrounding 

Even though it is a debatable point to be discussed, the negative ions which are released by the HPS lamps help in neutralizing the positive ions in the surroundings, which is responsible for creating negative energy. The question is if a small lamp in the house would be able to fight the negativity which surrounds us

  • Better sleep 

Based on the same logic of the ability of the lamp to release negative ions to replenish for the excess of positive ions, the lamp helps in better sleep patterns. Excess positive ion release leads to reduced oxygen supply to the brains, and thus it affects our sleep patterns. Who would have thought that a lamp would help us sleep better!

However, further research is required for this since this has been proven wrong by a study.

  • Mood improvement 

Since negative ions help in combating depression, the lamp automatically is of great use for a depressing environment or people. SAD or seasonal depression is a good example of being able to control with the help of the HPS lamp.

Conducting studies for the same has revealed that people who were exposed to high density, as well as low-density negative ions, showed a lot of improvement and difference in their mood.

  • Stress reduction and performance enhancer 

It has been proven from conducting studies on individuals, wherein they were asked to complete a computer-based task in 40 minutes, and the result of exposing them to negative ions lead to lessening anxiety and thus better performance. This helps us understand the HPS lamp and its functions better and how it affects our lifestyle and overall well being.

Why the Himalayan Pink Salt lamps have questionable benefits?

Even though the lamp has various uses, it is difficult to estimate the number of negative ions which are emitted from the lamp. Every lamp has different manufacturing specifications, like the thickness, the source of heat, the size, etc. But still, it is a fancy addition to the décor of the house!

As strange as it may sound, the Himalayan Pink Salt has not originated from the Himalayas and is just a name which has been given to it. It is mined in Poland and Pakistan. There are various variations of the lamp available in the market, but the original one is what makes it unique.

Facts about negative ions

There are quite a few facts about these negative ions and how they are beneficial to us, and for that, it would be necessary to glance a little into scientific facts.

  • Matter consists of molecules and molecules further are composed of a nucleus with the positive charge and an electron with the negative charge. The electron rotates around the nucleus in the molecule. This electron, if it has the same number of negative ions as that of the positive ion, it neutralizes the molecule and makes it stable.


  • The positive ions bond together to fill the gaps, and in this process, the electrons lose the extra negative ions. Positive ions, also called free radicals are responsible for all the health problems in our body. This, however, can be controlled if the negative ions balance it out and make the composition stable. Negative ions combat cancer and other diseases of the body.


  • Photosynthesis and water combine to release negative ion, which has a lot of good effects in our environment. Whether it is household appliances or the weather condition, there is the emission of positive ions everywhere.


  • The rate at which negative ions decrease when we move from city areas to the countryside is shocking. It is reported that there are 2000-4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter in the air in the countryside and almost the opposite in populated urban areas.


  • We can find a lot about the number of negative ions in the atmosphere depending on the place. This has direct repercussions on the health too, and can thus be documented. Dry and seasonal wind is full of positive ions and thus is harmful. For example, Foehn in Central Europe or Santa Ana in California. Various studies, like the one in 1950-60s, confirmed that there is a direct link between these winds and the number of deaths reported in the area. In Swiss Cantons like Foehn, the matter was even taken to court.


  • 1/3rd of a population gets affected by the reduction of negative ions and face serious health issues. These ions protect the human body from regular diseases, which if not controlled can aggravate and even cause death.


  • As mentioned earlier, negative ions help in reduction of stress and anxiety. This helps in dealing with depression and improves the mood of people. The same way it helps in better blood circulation of the body and healthier lungs, just like how the salt miners have. NASA also uses these negative ions for their astronauts after a space visit.

Additional benefits of the lamp 

Even though it is of great doubt whether the health benefits of the lamps are true or not, one could always give it a try because it is very popular, it is not so cheap, and it is more natural than most products which are commercially available. It is always worth a try.

The second definite point is that it looks stunning and aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a dainty little piece by your coffee table in the living room or even in a pretty little corner of your bedroom. On top of its looks, it is a good source of light and can make your home look divine! It gives a perfect quirky touch to your home.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Reviews 

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

This Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect addition to homes. It comes in a beautiful looking star metallic basket and needs to be heated. It could be used anywhere in the house for any purpose and emits a beautiful glow in the area. A very chic addition to the home, the health benefits of the lamp makes it highly recommendable.


The Himalayan Salt lamp has quite a few advantages, starting with an excellent source of light. The best part about the lamp is that the intensity of the lamp can be adjusted and dimmed or made bright according to our choice. Then comes the look of the lamp, it is encased in a very aesthetic metal casing and makes the lamp look very dainty.

The health benefits of the lamp are endless, but most importantly it helps in purifying the air and relieve stress from the surrounding areas. It can be plugged into a power source and used, and there is no requirement of batteries. It is also quite compact, and hence easy to carry around.

Pros and Cons 

The product is not too bulky and is easy to carry around, plus it has very good health benefits. The problem with the product is that it may stop working on some occasions and also, the quality may differ from item to item. Otherwise a beautiful addition to the house, the lamp can make significant changes to the family’s health.

Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp, Natural Himilian Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Lamps(8-11 lbs,7.5-10″ Height), Hymilian Sea Salt Crystals Night Light with Touch Dimmer Switch,3 Bulbs, UL Cord & Gift Box

Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp, Natural Himilian Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Lamps(8-11 lbs,7.5-10" Height), Hymilian Sea Salt Crystals Night Light with Touch Dimmer Switch,3 Bulbs, UL Cord & Gift Box

A perfect addition to the décor of the house or even as a gift, this Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is quite popular and in demand. It is soothing and calming when put to use and comes with a warranty. There are two sizes of the lamp available and is quietly affordable too. It is not only easy to operate and durable, but it also lasts for a very long time.


The Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with a stainless steel base and gives a very modern touch to the entire lamp. It also comes with a one year guarantee and has a cord which can be plugged to turn it on. The light which it emits is quite lovely, and along with that, the health benefits are numerous. It comes with a dimmer and has two extra light bulbs too. It gives the right amount of positive energy to the surroundings and relaxes the mind and the body. The customer service is also excellent and is a bonus.

Pros and cons

The Himalayan lamp adds to the aesthetic of the and also makes the mind and body feel stress-free and relaxed. The only downfall is that it is a little more expensive than its counterparts available in the market and is heavy too. This accounts for the good quality the lamp comes in.

100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp; Hand Carved Flower Rose in Pink Crystal Rock Salt from the Himalayan Mountains; Hand Crafted Wood Base, UL-listed Dimmer Cord

100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp; Hand Carved Flower Rose in Pink Crystal Rock Salt from the Himalayan Mountains; Hand Crafted Wood Base, UL-listed Dimmer Cord

This Himalayan salt lamp is said to be made from authentic salt from the Himalayas and comes a very pretty rose shape. It is good stress relieving addition to the interiors of the house and can also be given as a gift. It comes in a moderate size and hence won’t take up too much space in the house.


This 100% authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp is hand carved and is very pretty looking, It has a wood base and comes with a dimmer which can be adjusted. The health benefit of this lamp is numerous, and one among them is stress relief. It helps in fighting anxiety, insomnia and gives a very positive vibe to it.

It gives a very nice glow when it is turned on and comes with one bulb. The authenticity of the product can be understood after using it for a while, and the customer service team comes to great help when there is an issue.

Pros and Cons 

The lamp gives a lovely glow when switched on and works well with the health benefits too. The Rose salt lamp is on the heavier side, so it is not exactly easy to carry. Also, it comes with only one bulb which may need to be replaced soon.

What do you think ? How do you see these intriguing lamps ? The salt rock lamps would be a good interior for you?