Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits That You Ought to Consider

The Himalayan salt lamp has risen in the market as it has known health benefits. There are a lot of benefits that come from having one of these salt lamps in your house. The benefits range from air purification to improvements in health issues. Owning a Himalayan salt lamp is no longer a luxury anymore but more of a necessity.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Cleansing and purification of the air

This is one of the major benefits that make the Himalayan salt lamp to be very famous. If you are leaving in a big town and most of the time you feel like you are suffocating due to the polluted air, then this salt lamp is the way to go. The science behind the air purification is basic 6th-grade science because we all know that salt is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic means that the salt is able to absorb most of the water and moisture in the environment thus purifying the air around you. When the salt lamp absorbs the moisture in the air it attracts all the molecules in the air as well. Hence the air is purified and the smoke, dust or pollen in the air is absorbed in the salt crystal. As the lamp burns up it warms up the salt lamp that evaporates and all the trapped molecules like the pollen, smoke, and dust are trapped inside the salt crystal.

Helps ease coughing

We all remember that annoying chemistry lesson of how some ions have the capability to change the charges in a molecule. Then this is basically how the Himalayan salt lamp works. When the Himalayan salt lamp is heated up the cycling hygroscopic particles around the environment changes the molecule charges which are released.  Majority of our homes are filled with positive ions which are majorly released by the electronic. And let’s face it in most of the homes it is compulsory to use electronic appliances ranging from TVs, dishwashers, and fridges. Breathing in too much of the positive ions has negative health effects on the cilia which lines the trachea. The trachea hairs (cilia) become sluggish and they do not work that well to keep the contaminants out of our lungs.  This, in turn, leads to a lot of coughing and breathing problems. When the salt lamp absorbs the water and particles from the atmosphere it also takes the positive ions. In return, it emits negative ions which work in the opposite effect to the trachea. Hence it eases breathing and reduces coughing.


Neutralize the electromagnetic radiation

With the rise in technology, most of the homes find themselves using electronics. The electronic used emit electronic charges and the air surrounding us is filled with this charges. Although the electromagnetic charges are invisible they tend to have negative effects if a person is exposed to them for a long period of time. Some of the health effects caused an increase in stress levels, they cause chronic fatigue and decrease the body’s immune system. Himalayan salt lamps tend to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation and keeping a healthy and clean atmosphere. For better purification, it is more advisable that you keep the lamp salt near the electronics.

himalayan salt lamp benefits

Increase energy levels

Positive energies that fill your home can be reduced by use of the Himalayan salt lamp. The positive ions are known to drain most of the energy from our bodies and leave us feeling fatigued. Taking a vacation, a walk on the beach, driving with the windows open or just taking a shower always leaves your body rejuvenated and invigorated. This is due to the fact that the body is exposed to negative ions which leave you feeling less tired. The Himalayan salt lamp emits these negative charges that allow you to feel less stressed out and more relaxed.


Environmentally-friendly light source

The Himalayan salt lamp is environmentally friendly as they have minimal damage to the environment. It is estimated that the reserves for the HPS is mined somewhere around 80-600 million tones and it is projected to last up to 350 years at this mining rate. The base of the salt lamp is curved from a neem tree which has a lot of health benefits. The lamps use a low wattage bulb which uses up very little energy. Some of the lamps use a powered lit candle which is very environmentally friendly and causes minimal damage to the environment.

Improve mood and concentration

The Himalayan salt lamps are also used in meditating rooms. It is believed to cause a relaxed feeling when they are lit in a room which encourages meditation and improves your mood. This is achieved due to the ability to emit negatively charged ions which neutralize the ion particles in the environment. By doing this the salt lamp improve your blood pressure, blood and oxygen supply in the brain this allows you to be relaxed and in a good mood.


Treating of seasonal affective disorder

Apart from the Himalayan lamp salt emitting negative charged ions. They also produce that warm glow that resembles the morning sunshine that helps in vitamin D and reduces the risk of the seasonal affective disorder. When the days are shorter give yourself that extra glow by purchasing the Himalayan salt lamp that will give you the much-needed lethargy.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Reduction of static electricity in the air

Although this is not a health benefit static can cause you to have the most embarrassing moments. Static energy tends to occur in the least unexpected moments which can be a bit frustrating at times. Like trying to pet your dog or cat in the morning and then the static energy disrupts your most precious moments. Worse still going to work with a pair of sock stuck at the back of your shirt I mean how embarrassing can that be. Have you ever tried cleaning the kitchen counter but it proves impossible this tends to be frustrating? The lamp salts reduce this static energy and leave your air purified and rid of all the unnecessary energies.



There are a lot of benefits in using the Himalayan lamp salt that includes health benefits to environmental benefits. Getting yourself a salt lamp can be very fulfilling to you in the long run. Get yourself one of the salt lamps at your nearest store or order it from Amazon.

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