DIY Painted Makeup Brushes

It has bothered me for awhile that all my makeup brushes were a different color. If they weren't sitting out on the counter then maybe it wouldn't really bother me. I thought that painting them all the same would bring some unity to them all as well as a fun pop of color that my bathroom was needing.

Here is the before shot and yes my fan paint brush somehow got in the mix:


Supplies needed:

acrylic paint of your choice


paint brush

makeup brushes

I taped off the metal part of each brush first just so that I wouldn't get paint anywhere else. I painted them all while watching way too many dateline episodes. My favorite thing to do is drink an ice cold Coca Cola while working on a craft while watching any murder mystery type show. If only my mom could join me!

After painting 2 coats of paint on all of the brushes, I sprayed them with gloss.

I love this shade of bright red!


When renting a home, my philosophy is to take everything I own and make it better. Since I can't and don't care to change the more permanent things (like wall colors or cabinets etc) I choose to do projects on anything I can take with me wherever I may go. Anyway I love seeing the pop of red in my bathroom. It's refreshing that they all match too!

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