Drugstore Favorites

It's always nice to find a product that does exactly what you want and at a small price. These are some of my favorite drugstore products that I buy over and over. With how much research I do on products, it's important to me to find things that live up to their claims and are made up with good and important ingredients.

First up is Trader Joe's Cream Shave, one of the company's top rated products. I have a lot of issues with dry and sensitive skin so using a moisturizing shaving cream is crucial in keeping me sane. I know it may sound pretty dramatic but there are many nights where I itch so bad that I have to sit on my hands to keep from scratching my skin off. My legs get it the worst. I'm not going to claim that this takes away all my problems but compared to other shaving creams this beats them all by far. I love that it's for men and women, smells amazing and is a great price. My husband is very basic and never switches up what he uses. He tried this one day and said he liked it! That really is enough evidence right there, seriously.

Next up is It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. When I use this, my hair is WAY healthier looking. Almost like I am wearing someone else's hair. It makes my hair smoother without weighing it down, which cannot easily be done with the texture of my hair. It's easier to style and much fuller looking. The body it gives my hair makes it a no-brainer to use every day. I love this so much... it's worth every penny!

Tree Hut Olive & Shea Sugar Body Scrub is just amazing. I've been scared to use a body scrub for a long time just because I assumed it would make my skin itch more. BUT I've always wanted to find a good one because I've learned so much about the benefits of regular exfoliation. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and with an extra layer of moisture on top. I don't recommend using this before using a self tanner or getting a spray tan though. If you've done either, you know how important it is to scrub every inch of dead skin off. This product leaves a little film of oil on your skin (not leaving it bare and ready for color), which I absolutely love, especially after just scrubbing away at my skin. Coconut Lime is my favorite of the different scents, the perfect marriage of something sweet and citrus-y.

I never knew that hair brushes could make that big of a difference. This Mason Pearson dupe surprised me at first stroke. The Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush doesn't hurt when it tugs at a tangle, it distributes oil from my scalp throughout my hair evenly and is just pretty to look at. Any fly-aways that are usually flying away just don't when I use this. I have two of these just in case one goes missing. :)

Last but not least is the award winning Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle CreamWhile Paula Begoun does not think this product is amazing, it gets amazing reviews across the board. It has been in Allure's Best of Beauty, Hall of Fame and Reader's Choice for multiple years. The consistency is good and spreads easily. It lasts a long time therefore fabulous for the price. Paula claims that it doesn't have enough of the good ingredients to make a difference. My makeup contains sunscreen so I feel okay knowing that my every day moisturizer and face makeup both have spf in it. The retinol, whether it's enough or not (I'm greatly influenced by Paula... check out beautypedia for more intensive reviews on the ingredients in a range of products), I think it's such a great bonus to have in my daily moisturizer.

Because we all have different skin and hair types these products may or may not work for you. The best place to start is by figuring out what you want products to do for you. The term "non- comedogenic" is a pretty conterversial claim especially for those with serious skin problems like acne etc. I hope my reviews can help someone!

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