Trash Can Makeover

So awhile ago I found this cute trash can at an estate sale. I loved the cute border and oval shape. But overtime I felt that it needed something. I ended up painting a "B" for Barnes on the front but it didn't satisfy me. Then one day I was cleaning up my pinterest boards and I spotted a lamp that I have loved forever. I decided I wanted to do something similar to my trash can. 


Originally I had planned to do a diy/tutorial post, but after the trash can was all done, there ended up being WAY too many steps to keep track of. This was mainly because we wanted the numbers to have nice crisp lines and so we taped them off a few times and re-painted to make sure that there wasn't any bleeding from white or black paint.

This was my first project using gold leaf. I've used it plenty of times with paint pens but never the real kind with the oh so fragile paper. I love the way gold leaf looks, there is just nothing that turns out this bright and shiny. The camera caught some weird angles but in real life it just flashes a beautiful gold.


To add a bit of a surprise, I mod-podged some snake print wrapping paper to the inside of the can. I've had the paper for awhile and I was so excited to finally use it for something. By the way, the wrapping paper sold near the counters at TJ Maxx and Home Goods is by far the best deal out there. Especially with the quality of the paper... so nice and thick!


I colored the top and bottom rims as well as the little stubby legs with my Krylon 18 kt. gold leaf pean. I'm so happy with the turn out. I love the vintage vibe that it adds to my bathroom. In any diy project my goal is always to have the finished product look store bought as opposed to home made. After being a real perfectionist with all the lines and curves of the numbers... I think we got just what we hoped for! :)

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