DIY Gift Wrapping Pegboard Station

Sometimes I've felt silly posting a project that has been done a million times, but that is what is so great about craft and diy blogs. Sometimes it's seeing the 80th linen closet makeover that really inspires you to do it yourself. I had already seen multiple posts on pegboard organization, but when I saw THIS post, I was totally inspired and knew I had to try it.


With a lot of pegboard craft projects, it's common to see an array of craft supplies used. Anything from paints to thread to glitter. I knew that for mine I wanted to stick to one type of craft supply (mainly because I just have a little bit of everything and couldn't fit it all here), so I decided to do all gift wrapping supplies. I gathered up anything and everything that I would use to wrap a present. The only thing that fit into this category that I didn't put up was my christmas wrapping, I figured it didn't need to be hung year round and having all my christmas and gift wrapping paper would have taken up the whole board. It's important to really assess what you are going to put on the board as well as where.

So, starting with the top right, I put up an organizer that I already had on hand. I store rolled up craft and decorative paper here. Most of the paper here is just loose so it's nice to keep them contained inside something.

Grant helped me attach it to the pegboard with clear zip ties. This was his idea and it's pretty genius too. The whole thing doesn't move at all and the zip ties are practically invisible.

To the left is where I store my ribbon, or anything I would use to wrap up a beautiful gift. I used pegboard hooks and dowels here, Grant also attached the dowels to the hooks with zip ties. The zip ties are really great because they keep everything so still and make it easier to pull the ribbons.


Above those ribbons are some more colorful options that I found thrifting. I love vintage ribbon, those color combinations are so fun.

And then to the left of the ribbons are 6 containers that house my gift tags.

These pegboard containers came in yellow but I spray painted them white so that they would match the board. I really wanted the colors of all the wrapping, ribbons, tags and tape to be the center of attention. 

Oh ya know, just a close up of the cutest nutcracker tags ever.

Below the tags are where I put the rolls of wrapping paper. I love looking at them all. So much eye candy!

And lastly to the right is where my tape and scissors are. I made it a point to put these lower on the board so that they would be more accessible. It's especially nice because in the craft room/office that this sits in now, it's up on a ledge. When I hang this permanently in my own home one day (really just can't stand the paint colors in this rental.. yucky poo poo), I plan to hang it lower on the wall.


I lost some tape over christmas break that I'm still hoping to find.... I love patterned tape! Whether it's washi or duct tape etc... I love coordinating it all. 

When I look at this board and then look over to where my greeting cards are, I feel like the most organized person in the world! Now if I can just get the rest of the house to be this organized....

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