DIY Waylande Gregory Tray

I've been really inspired by Waylande Gregory lately. I spend hours looking at his work. I saw this adorable bowl on a One Kings Lane sale and really wanted to try to create something similar. I saved the image into my Evernote (where I keep all my inspiration) and waited to find something that I could paint. Eventually I came across this great tray for $2 at a thrift store and I loved the faux bamboo detailing around the border.

I used liquid gold leaf for the first time on this project. I don't feel like I can give an accurate assessment on this type of gold leafing as it was old, thick and a bit dried out. This made the application pretty difficult. Had it been it's normal consistency, it would have been a lot easier to paint with. I wanted the tray to be a little more charcoal than black and I was going for a matte look.


What drew me in to the original piece in the first place was the not-so-perfect look of it. I've mentioned before about my philosophy with diy projects; I really like our diy projects to look either completely, completely homemade or brand new/store bought. It's funny though, anytime I do a project where homemade charm is the goal, it seems as though I'm holding myself to the standard of that other side and wanting it to look perfect and straight off the shelf. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I'm crazy about anything Waylande so I know that there will be more future projects just like this. This project was easy and I'm happy with the result. ;)

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