Plans for the Master Bedroom

This is a REALLY rough sketch of what I want our bedroom to look like. Because there are always so many projects that are being worked on, it seems like we make progress in each but no room is completely finished. The above drawing is what I'd like for our bedroom to look like when it's all done. The drawing below shows what has been or is still a project. The best part being that 3 out of the 5 projects are done!

I'm planning to post next on the projects that are completed. Those being the dressers, bench and new bedding. Here is a quick little shot of the new bedding. I guess not new anymore... I bought it 6 months or so ago (from none other than my favorite store in the world... TJ Maxx). It doesn't deserve it's on own post like the other two projects but it definitely was a 'project' to finally find! 

For the past 7 years, my husband and I have slept with a duvet. I've changed the duvet cover a few times and I've never been fully satisfied with the patterns I've chose and what I feel they reveal about our style. Hotel bedding styles have been on my wish list forever (what could possibly be more classic than white bedding with a navy border?) but have been hard to find. The biggest problem being that I needed a comforter instead of a duvet cover. While I love to sleep with a lot of weight on me (heavy blankets etc.), my husband HATES how hot it is sleeping with the duvet. He'd prefer just a sheet! This is why I was looking for a comforter, knowing it wouldn't be as heavy as our duvet. It was a beautiful day when I saw the comforter and I've been completely satisfied ever since!