Nightstand Dressers Before & After

In February of last year, while living in Denver, we found these two dressers. We had been in the process of selling our bedroom set and needed to find a matching pair of dressers. I have loved the idea of dressers as nightstands and spent a few months searching (finding a matching pair is hard!). I finally came across these and I believe we paid $30 for the pair. We weren't able to start working on them until May when we were moved in here and all settled in.

I also knew if I didn't find a pair with beautiful wood... I would paint the dressers grey. The little rim that borders the drawers was kind of a fun extra detail that we painted white. To start out we sanded both dressers and all eight drawers until they were nice and smooth.

All the drawers had different vintage floral patterns for drawer liners and they were not fun to take out. Who knows how long they'd been there and there was a film of sticky ickyness after the paper was pulled up.

I don't have pictures of the paint process but we primed them both and then painted them both with oil based paint. We have such a love/hate relationship with that stuff. It's like.... we know it would be dumb to use any other paint (so durable and also pretty) but cleanup is a *****.

I'm so not a professional photographer or editor so I feel like my pictures look lame. But here there are nonetheless. Since the headboard is an upcoming project, you'll see our cute box spring... all in due time ;)

I see so many beautiful nightstand vignettes and pin them all the time, but for my nightstand... it's not realistic. I want all my books, pictures and jewelry right there. So I kind of just pile it all on. Also, I love how back in the 80's, chick flicks always seemed to include a picture of a teenage girl's boyfriend on their nightstand. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyway I've loved the idea ever since I can remember and that's why I have my sweetie in that rad malachite frame. Totally my favorite part.

What could possibly be better than gold shiny paper and white abstract polka dots? I know. It's so satisfying to see every day!