New Year Resolutions

Last year after moving to California in May, I was shocked at how much it changed my life. We've actually lived in 6 different states now so moving is nothing new. The hardest part about this move is definitely because of where we moved, aka the house we're renting. It's not an easy task to move from a larger house to a very small one. My husband got a new job very quickly and so we really had to find something fast. The bay area isn't necessarily known for it's space. I mean if you've ever been to San Fran, you've seen that as far as new housing goes..... the only option is to build up! While it's only temporary, it's put quite the damper on my hobbies. I live to treasure hunt and projects are what we do most nights of the week. However, when there isn't any space.... my attitude has been "Well, what's the point?" 

My New Years Resolutions are basically all about not letting things get in my way, regardless of my circumstances. No more excuses. I want to constantly remind myself that A) It's a FRESH new year. B) To keep things SIMPLE. C) Stay MOTIVATED with all my goals. Here's to a new year!