The Settee Before & After

So our lovely settee is the third completed project in our room. Besides really really small reupholstery projects, this was our first REAL reupholstery job. We felt ambitious taking on a tufted piece for our first but with all the helpful tutorials online... we were just excited to get started. We actually finished this project last Thanksgiving. 

We found the settee on Craigslist years ago and I believe we paid $40 for it. Smaller benches and settees are my favorite things to look for on Craigslist. It's sad that I didn't get better 'before' pictures (this is the only one I have! sweet baby Trudy...) because while it might look okay above... it was DISGUSTING! All the dirt, grime and stains just grossed me out. The frame was broken as well as one of the legs. You could not sit on it (unless you were under 10 lbs :)). Nail heads were missing and there were holes in the fabric. 

Finding the right fabric was HUGE and I wasn't used to the typical price range for upholstery fabric. I stumbled upon the upholstery fabric that we ended up using, towards the beginning of my search. I fell in love with the beautiful pattern, I loved the raised velvet and then the color combination is actually my very favorite. Navy and kelly green!? Come on! But I wasn't sure if I could find something that I liked just as much and for a better price. As my searching went on, I envisioned what it would be like to take all the time and effort in reupholstering the settee in a fabric that I liked for a better price and that's when I knew that I just had to buckle down and choose my favorite, something I LOVED. Better to be safe than sorry! And I've never regretted it. I absolutely LOVE the fabric.


I bought the fabric from an Etsy shop called FabulessFabrics and I really did get a great deal. Eight months later I saw these pillows pop up on One Kings Lane and realized even more that I scored big time. 

The actual process wasn't too bad, but maybe it would have been worse if I didn't have my husband. I mean, he is the one who helped to get things so tight and perfect for the stapling. He also did a great job at taking pictures of the all the fabric while we slowly took it a part. It helped so much to be able to go back and look at the pictures as we cut different pieces to size and stapled. For the legs, we considered all options and in the end painting them black just seemed like the natural way to go. I'm glad we did too, it feels more unique.

I have to apologize for the awkward angles, unfortunately they are the best I can do for the space we are in. One day we'll have more room to spread everything out. I could have chosen to keep this settee wrapped up in the garage when we first moved in but I just couldn't. I love seeing it every day... even if it gives me a teeny tiny walk way between it and the bed!

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