I WILL get organized

Sometimes it's just completing small little projects that put a smile on my face. I have big goals for all of the organization in my house. We are having a yard sale this weekend and I'm determined to rid my house of clutter (as always). The more research, watching and reading that I've done... the more I realize that being organized is really about having a million containers! Everything looks better, cleaner and simpler when taken out of it's package and stored in a pretty container. I mean right?

I'm not sure what stemmed it but a few months ago I decided that we needed to clean out every crevice of our kitchen. It was quite the job. It took us two or three days and would have taken longer if we weren't renting. I could've taken things much further with new paint and cupboard knobs to more labeling and shelf liners but that $$$ will be better spent in the future in a kitchen that is my own.

After taking everything out and wiping down every inch of the kitchen, we went through all of our food, containers, pots and pans, stemware, tablecloths... just EVERYthing. We replaced our old broken canisters for new ones recommended by one of my favorite organizing guru's, Alejandra Costello (I watch her videos while taking bath's, one of my favorite things to do!). Instead of paying full price for these at Bed Bath & Beyond or The Container Store, Alejandra recommended checking your local TJMaxx, Marshall's or Home Goods. As soon as those heavenly places were mentioned, I was there searching in a matter of days (I've professed my love for these stores as well as revealed all my secrets to finding success at off price retailers here). Of course we found just what we needed and at a discounted price!

Because I like things to look pretty, I wanted to take it a step further with cute labels. I had fallen in love with Emily Mcdowell's label designs back in March and had already been waiting and waiting to use them. I am a fontaholic (I love LOVE fonts and am a little obsessed... this is also the reason I can't get myself to buy a label maker, I refuse to put an ugly font on a label) and I adore the font that she created for these labels.

Pretty right? I'm slowly making some organizational progress around my house. I'm determined to live a simple and organized life, I just keep telling myself one thing at a time.

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