Help Me Please!

When I found our campaign dresser a few years ago, it was close to one of the best days of my life. It was blue and even though I wouldn't have chosen that color, it didn't bother me and I wasn't ready to even think about painting it at the time.

Now I feel differently, I'm ready to paint it but... I don't know what color! I would paint it navy but there will eventually be a navy couch in the room and that would be too much of my favorite color. I think white would be pretty, especially lacquered. But white doesn't seem very practical. Black would be great too but sometimes black with a lot of gold hardware can turn a little asian which is not the style I'm going for. I love the idea of doing a red/orange look but I'm worried about it taking the same route the black would. I mean basically I love seeing kelly green campaign dressers but I don't want it to be too cookie cutter, like I don't have an imagination or something. Comprende? I need help! Check out this search for lots of different colors.