DIY Monogrammed Hand Towel: West Elm Hack

I've been in love with West Elm's Monogrammed Hammam Stripe Hand Towels for probably a few years now. Specifically the digital printed styles with the font "cheap pine" used in the image above. I was literally 5 seconds away from clicking on "purchase" a few weeks ago when suddenly I thought to myself... "What am I doing? I could make this myself!". So last week I got to work. While searching for the font, I came across this tutorial and was happy to see that someone else had the same idea as me, check it out because Charisa did a great job.

After finding a similar font that would work... I traced it onto freezer paper and then cut it out with a razor blade. The shadow part in the font was a bit thicker than I wanted so I cut out that part a little bit more narrow. I have some hand towels from Ikea that seemed perfect for this so I used one of those and then some craft paint. I've stenciled napkins before using the same paint and have been pleased with the way they've held up through multiple washes.

When ironing it on (shiny side down), I was pleasantly surprised with how well it adhered to the fabric. I've stenciled quite a few things and always end up seeing some kind of bleeding from the paint. Some minor bleeding occured but nothing big enough to complain about. I love the personalization this gives our bathroom and I'm grateful for stores like West Elm, so many beautiful things... it's a never ending source for inspiration.

Do you ever get annoyed when you get something done and go back to check it off your 'to do list' only to find it was the one thing you forgot to put on it? UGH. This project should have been on my project list.

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