Why You Need To Join Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' is the new way to stay updated on your favorite blogs. Before bloglovin', google reader was the frontrunner. I was hesitant to switch over at first but I like it one million times better. And here is why...

1. By the click of a button, you can switch over all the sites you used to follow through google reader (or whatever source you were using). So no worries about having to manually add each of them over one by one.

2. Bloglovin' easily displays all the blogs you could ever want to read by category. From beauty, fashion, diy & crafts, entertainment, design, family, art, food, fitness, street style, wedding, travel etc. The list is huge. You can also click on "popular posts" or "top blogs" to help you find more sites you might enjoy.

3. "Mark all as read" is a button available just as it was in google reader. A button that you can freely click whenever you've gotten behind on all your fun and fabulous reads. I recently read a blog post on how we should never feel guilty clicking that button. If life has kept you busy and you check into your account only to find that it is overwhelmed with unread posts... click that button and just start fresh!

4. One of my biggest complaints with google reader was not being able to see the design of the blog I was reading. An RSS feed is boring to me. I love to see how each blog is different from the next, especially the blog design. With bloglovin' not only can you see the post you're reading on the blog but you can actually comment and click through older posts all while staying within bloglovin'.

5. The last thing you need to know is that I'm on bloglovin' and you need to follow me! I've made it easy with two buttons in the sidebar... my first social media icon (the plus sign, top left) as well as the little pink button above my categories. ;)