Apps I Use Daily

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I love finding new and fun apps. I play on my phone every night in bed before falling asleep. It's basically how I relax. These are the apps that I use most (and they're all free!).

1. Fooducate: This has got to be one of the greatest apps ever made. I LOVE it! So... you're at the grocery store looking for bread. You've been trying to make good food choices and you want to pick the healthiest kind. You can simply type in "bread" and up pops a list of all the breads and a rating next to each of them. Since labels and nutrition facts can be pretty confusing sometimes, this app does all the work for you. As their website states "... fooducate is like taking your own personal dietician to the supermarket..." The app is very well made and easy to navigate. You can scan any food item and fooducate will let you know the things that manufacturers don't want you to notice like food colorings, additives and preservatives, confusing serving sizes etc. I remember one of the first things I scanned was a tub of Hummus. I was anticipating a really high rating and was completely taken back at how unhealthy it was! Luckily the app provides healthier alternatives. I can't say enough about this app. It's just the best.

2. MyFitnessPal: This app makes it easy to log meals and exercises. When I first started using it, it really opened my mind to how many calories were in certain foods as well as how many I was burning while exercising. Since weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out, this app is a great net calorie calculator. A must for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

3. RedStamp: I use this app for all holidays. It's basically the best resource for digital greeting cards, and I mean CUTE greeting cards! You can send them via text and surprise your friends and family with adorable little messages that would make anyone happy!

4. eBay: Do I need to really say anything here? Besides.... that it's an unhealthy obsession of mine?

5. MakeupAlley: My favorite source for beauty product reviews. The database is so big with thousands and thousands of products. I can literally look up any product, popular or not, and there will be plenty of reviews.

6. Amazon: I love browsing the best sellers in all categories. I spend WAY too much time on Amazon!

7. Craigslist: Useful and fun. How could I survive without it? A favorite feature? I personally love the circling and crossing off feature, brings me back to the days when I'd go yard sale-ing with my mom. We'd get the newspaper and circle all the yard sales that sounded best and the head out to hunt for treasures.

Apps are so much fun! They have turned my phone into a toy. What are your favorites?

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