DIY Organized Greeting Cards

In my quest to get organized, I have been trying to do one small project at a time. Well, I take that back... we started with the kitchen and that was no small project. BUT after doing the kitchen and getting so excited to print cute labels for the food storage canisters, I bought 2 new organizers to store all of our medicine (a much smaller project) and printed more labels for those. I instagrammed a pic of one of them here. 

My next stop was greeting cards. Buying greeting cards from a box versus individually is sooooooo much more cost effective. Individual cards can go up to almost $5 these days! That is how much I paid for an entire set of "Thank You" cards recently. In fact I have never paid more than $4.99 for a set of greeting cards. I saw this perfect little sturdy guy on Amazon but wanted a more budget friendly solution. After seeing what Jen from IHeartOrganizing did to organize her cards ... I was excited to do something similar. I loved the idea of using things from my own craft supplies as well as saving money. However, I couldn't find any similar sized boxes anywhere! After going through my greeting cards I realized that I had some very tall cards (which meant long when laid down horizontally) and some very short ones. So finding a box like hers would not work for the collection that I had and because paper dividers that didn't stay in one spot wouldn't work to keep mine in place.

So I started looking at the Amazon one again. I was reading through the reviews and noticed that someone had mentioned seeing the exact same one at Michaels. A few days later I stopped in Michael's and sure enough the EXACT same one was there! With the weekly ad they had going on... I walked out with my little greeting card organizer for just under $10! Wahoo! I was so excited!

how to organize greeting cards
how to organize greeting cards

It's probably sad how much fun I had taking all of my cards out of the boxes that they each came in. It's just feels so good to throw away anything that takes up valuable space. I love this Iris organizer for lots of reasons (not a sponsored post), each divider can be taken out so that you can change the width of each section. I have more "blank" cards than any other so they take up two sections. The box and dividers are a heavier plastic and feel sturdy, I was very happy about this because it seems common to find organizers with flimsy construction. My only complaint is just that I wish there was a handle.


I used some cute patterned masking tape with some all-purpose labels and voila! Organized, labeled AND pretty. SO I highly recommend this product, but if Jen's way works for you then go for it! She is such an amazing organizer and yes I think it's a skill!