iPhone Update

Today I'm off to buy a new camera cord. I can't find ours anywhere and there isn't a place I haven't checked. I've got lots of fun posts planned so hopefully they'll start coming this week after I can finally do some uploading. Today I thought I'd just do a quick update from my phone. 

Starting from the left, isn't that rose just gorgeous? It was from a few weeks ago and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. I used to contain all my cutips, cotton balls and brushes in vintage patterned containers that I found thrifting. Eventually it just felt too cluttered so I transferred them to these clear glass containers instead. It feels much better now, cleaner and easier on the eye. The glass containers are actually old candles too, which makes me feel like I'm saving the planet (really working on recycling, or wait... upcycling?). 

Will I ever be able to come across a pair of these where the owner isn't aware of their value? I always hope to just stumble on a pair in an old thrift shop and steal them for nothing. I've come across 3 or 4 pairs at random antique shops and sadly they are always a pretty, pretty penny.

I loved them in this spread, (and I love all that color!)  John Hartig put a pair in every room in his house. Anyway, one day.... one day. :)

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these trims at Hobby Lobby the other day. There was a lot of colors and I wanted to just buy them all. Hope you had a fun Fourth! Thanks for stopping by!