Lucite Furniture

So a few weeks ago I saw some lucite folding chairs on Craigslist. I couldn't believe it! I was super excited. I love to mix different styles of design throughout my house and lucite has been something I've wanted to add for awhile. And the reason I haven't thus far is because it's usually crazy expensive. The woman was asking $50 for 4 chairs. Not bad right? When we got there, we noticed an small crack in the top of one of the chairs. Not too noticeable and it played to our advantage in the end. We met outside in this woman's garage and it was FULL and I mean FULL of stuff. As I peered my little eyes around, I started to see some interesting things... Louis Chairs with gold velvet upholstery and a dining room table, persian rugs rolled up in a corner, Burberry bags and a Louis Vuitton Purse. I wanted to dig around sooo bad. As we were chatting we learned that she had been a Museum Curator for 20+ years (one of the


jobs in my opinion, I can't imagine her knowledge), she had worked here in Albuquerque as well as on the east coast. Her collection was just amazing. She mentioned that she had lucite cubes as well, so we dug through her stuff and found one. We walked away with a lucite end table and four lucite folding chairs for $50. So $10 each!!! I plan on doing some gold leafing on the chair legs.... can't you just imagine? I'm so excited!!!


Another recent find from Craigslist were these gold hammered glasses. It was really just love at first sight with these babies. I paid $20 for these and felt like I was stealing them... they are straight from India!