carey mulligan, the great gatsby, carey mulligan street style, I think that the word "adorable" perfectly describes Carey Mulligan. I have loved her forever. She is so real and authentic, kind and genuine. She stays true to herself even with all the fame. She has such a sweet baby face, so fresh and sweet. I love her dimples and of course her hair. She is the only short haired actress that makes me want a pixi cut. Besides being so adorable, she is an amazing actress. I remember watching her in "Pride and Prejudice" as well as "Wall Street"(I can't help but love her more for dating Shia Lebeouf too, it's a shame that he wasn't ready to settle down...). What I've seen her in most recently was the mini series she did (a suuuuper long time ago) for BBC, "Bleak House", which I loved. I have yet to see her shine in The Great Gatsby. Oh and I adore her british accent. I feel like her and I could be the best of friends and basically I just love her.Go enter this giveaway for one of my necklaces!