4 Trips and a Move

Life picked up a few weeks ago and it's been a whirlwind since. We found out we were moving only about a month before we actually moved. A lot had to be done, especially in between 4 planned trips. We've been sick and exhausted but are hoping that we can now just get settled here in Denver. Since we aren't sure as to how long we will be here we are renting a house for one year. My husband had the opportunity to start another dealership for the same company but in a new location.

We found a great house with lots of space in a great part of town. The only problem with it is.... every wall is poo poo taupe brown and I DO NOT WANT TO PAINT. In our last home, we painted one room. The whole house had white walls with one peach living room. We painted it gray and never regretted it, especially since we were in the house for 3 years. I'm having the hardest time decorating this house because I hate warm paint colors. Like HATE HATE. Anyway so that is kind of a challenge that I'm sure I'll be blogging about... lots and lots of projects will be going on around here!

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