Best Tips to Stay Fit

I think staying motivated to workout is SO HARD. Sometimes I love and look forward to exercising but.... that quickly fades away and laying around always seems more appealing. When I compare the way I feel after laying around to how I feel after I workout, it's just stupid. There truly is nothing that can substitute those rewarding endorphins after a good sweat.

This week I was going through emails and stopped on one from Beautylish with the subject, "4 Stay-Fit Secrets!". I clicked through to the article and loved every word. Celebrity trainer Kit Rich shares her "non-negotiables" and just lays it out like nobody's bidness. Each step hit me hard and I have to say that for the first time... I really REALLY knew that I couldn't have an excuse anymore. I think I might print them out this week and hang them on the wall. Read the article here.