Craigslist Horse Lamps

I found these lamps on Craigslist a few months ago. I was suuuuper excited to go pick them up and so let down when I saw them in real life! While they are still beautiful, unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the dimensions the seller gave online and so I expected them to be a lot bigger. I was planning to put them on my campaign dresser but now I'm at a loss because I feel like they'll be too small. 

Anybody have advice on how to style with a small lamp? I now have two pairs of lamps that are very small in scale and I never can find a good place for them. Dressers and nightstands just seem way too big for the size of these but maybe I just need to calm down about it. I'm planning on pairing these with some matte black lamp shades, I don't think I'll change the black glossy horse heads... they are just too sexy as is.

Linked up here.