DIY Christmas Canvas Paintings


These are some paintings that I did last year. Like I've said before, I either like my DIY projects to purposely look homemade or not look homemade at all. These for sure fit into the homemade category, they are far from perfect. I think crooked lines, smears and smudges can sometimes add a bit of charm. I know my paintings aren't going to look perfect and symmetrical and that is something that I accept in my head well before I start painting.

For each painting, I did a rough pencil sketch of what I envisioned. I used small acrylic paints on white canvas. For the top wreath picture I first traced a dinner plate and then just went with the flow for the rest. Ikat is one of the easiest patterns to paint, especially the way I did it.... NOT hard at all. Just smudging in a kind of diamond shape. And then finally the candy canes, drawing faint little candy canes with my pencil made all the difference here. The tricky part was just making sure the paint fit into the teeny tiny spaces.

I get a lot of compliments on different things that I paint and I always feel so silly because I am no artist. I think 85% of it is just being daring enough to try it out and embracing your "mistakes". Anyone can paint!

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