DIY Martha Stewart Glitter Deer

It's time for me to start building up a database of our (my husband and I) DIY projects. We've done so many, in fact we're pretty much always working on something. Here's one from last year.

The viral glitter reindeer from Martha Stewart caught my eye and I couldn't pass the little project up. This is my kind of DIY; easy, fast and cute. I bought my little reindeer at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. Mod Podge worked great for the adhesive. I used silver and gold glitter which gave him a more metallic color. I wrap the little guy in paper towels when I put him away and I have no complaints with how he's held up.

Each year I add to my little collection of trees and I think my little reindeer goes perfectly with them. Just hanging out in the woods with a marbled sky;) The picture in the back has no glass... I'm still working on that.

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