Vintage Xmas Decor for Practically Nothing

It can be very tempting every year to buy Christmas decorations. And really the only problem with that is $$$. I decided to take a few pictures of only a few things that I've found for under $10 (but pry mostly under $5) at thrift stores or yard/estate sales. I think the trick to finding cute vintage Christmas decor is to always be on the lookout. Everything in my collection above was not found during the holiday season. However, I've been to three or four thrift stores this week (in search for a particular frame size) and each store has been LOADED with great Christmas decor. I just bought a serving platter the other day that is in the shape of a star with gold rims (soo pretty!).

It's probably the only time I ever feel like "more is more". I remember as a little girl, getting so excited to pull out the boxes of Christmas decor. It was so fun being able to put a touch of Christmas spirit all around the house. It's almost a cluttered look that I love, it feels more festive and cozy. And that is just how the holiday season should feel!

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