Thrifting Haul

A few days ago I went thrifting. It had been awhile so I was hoping to really find some treasures. While shopping I was thinking about the things I buy at thrift stores and the things I buy at regular big-box stores. There are just some things I will only buy brand new and some things I will only buy second hand.

I've written a post on things I will only buy at thrift stores... I'm excited about it and plan to post it soon. However, today I feel like posting about my most recent finds. 


Say hello to the cutest vase... probably ever? I didn't really feel like I had the most successful trip but this kind of made it all worth it. The fact that the vase is navy makes it a dream come true.


These little trays are a perfect mini person size. Grant and I are working on building a play kitchen right now so these are for Trudy to play with when it's all ready. I can't wait to see them set at her little table.


I find some of the best deals on fabric and thread at thrift stores, like this pile of embroidery thread for just $2.99. For how many there are, this bundle came at a better deal than what I could get them for on sale at Walmart or any fabric store. 


I love oriental ginger anything. The designs on this lamp are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to pairing the lamp with a bright, beautiful and glossy lampshade.

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