Help Me Convince Him

So when we moved to Colorado last year, this beauty was our first purchase. We stumbled upon one of the coolest antique stores that we have probably ever been to. It was so unfortunate to learn that the store was closing down (after 20+ years) because the owners were just ready to retire. Their amazing AMAZING collection was full of old rides from carnivals like merry-go-rounds etc (!?), all sorts of marquee's and signs, crazy cool statues of famous people or even animals, it was awesome.

So while walking around, we noticed about 50 of these teeny tiny upholstered chairs. WTF?! We asked about them, we wanted to know what they were for and where they came from. The woman in charge explained to us that back in the day, furniture salesman would carry scale replica models of chairs around to their potential clients. This way they could show the superior craftmanship and quality of their pieces without having to hawl around heavy full size furniture. Cool right? We knew we needed one. They were normally sold anywhere from $175-$200 but because of a closing sale, we were lucky to walk out only having paid $35. Score!

The dilemma that we are in right now is that I want to re-upholster it in something adorable.... and Grant... well he thinks it's fine the way it is. I agree that it isn't bad but can you just imagine the possibilities?

The potential for this is crazy good and I need help convincing him that the outcome would be worth the work. What do you think??? And just for size, here's Trudy next to her soon to be perfect chair ;).