The Deal of the Century

I'm not a huge fan of stepping onto bandwagons that are completely full, especially the ones that have made the rounds for far too long. This is the reason

I've had such a hard time with deciding to pain this beauty green.

However, sometimes there are trends and even fads that just feel like whoever came up with them, had me in mind. And ya know, it feels almost disingenuous to deny that I'm in love with whatever it is. This is how I feel about Moroccan wool rugs.

I've been in love for what seems like forever and just haven't had the money to splurge on yet. I love the authenticity they bring to a room, it's like they immediately reveal to a guest that you can and do appreciate all styles of design.. from all parts of the world. West Elm has beautiful handcrafted rugs, the Souk rug being one I've had my eye on.

The other day I was checking my Craigslist app (since I do every day and all through out the day) and happened to spot a rug that looked almost identical to the West Elm one above. The listing price was $10. Was this real life? I thought it had to be a joke. Or worse, an easy way for a Craigslist killer to reel me in. No matter what it was though, I had to find out and I had to fast! And that I did. Let's just say that within an hour, we were on our way to christmas morning. I made sure when talking to the owner on the phone that I asked where it was from (to which he replied..."West Elm"), as well as how old it was ("2-3 months"... what what?!?!?). I'm happy to say that after a 2 hour round trip and my wallet only $10 lighter.... we returned home with a beautiful, practically new, $500 rug. As well as new friends to hang out with (including a new best friend for Trudy... cutest little girl ever).

Here she is. Like I said, Deal. Of. The. Century.