Outdoor Furniture I Actually Like

I often browse online for outdoor furniture collections. I like to imagine what I would pick for my own future backyard one day. I never really have much luck, nothing ever seems to really peak my interest or suit my style. So many styles have materials that are too thick and bulky or too thin and dainty.

This weekend I was in Crate & Barrel and stopped in my tracks at this gorgeous chair. I don't really feel like the pictures online do it any justice. The chair is constructed beautifully and the patterns are a perfect marriage. The black and white rattan weave is so pretty and fresh.

These chairs are incredibly easy to clean since the rattan is synthetic. It's soft and smooth and quite a comfortable chair. The rattan legs are poles with spots that resemble burn marks and clearly appear like an animal print. Like I said... just beautiful.

Whether I end up owning these chairs or not, It's gives me hope in outdoor collections. :)