DIY Table Runner Pillow

A few months ago I was browsing through TJ Maxx. I noticed a piece of gold fabric on the bottom shelf in the clearance section and picked it up. It was a beautiful Tahari table runner (!). I turned the price tag over expecting to see a high price when I was pleasantly surprised with a red tag that read $6.00. I'm not a huge fan of table runners but I knew instantly I'd be able to figure something out, it was just too pretty to pass up.

Fast forward a few months to a quick Ikea trip where I spotted this pillow. It seemed perfect to use with my table runner. I loved the idea of long rectangular shape for adding more visual interest. I planned to use the pillow on Trudy's bed. 

My plan was to fold the table runner in half and sew it together. Easy peasy. I was so excited about doing this project because a) the pattern was beautiful b) the quality of fabric was thick and just good good good and c) it was lined so I knew the pillow would be stiff and hold it's shape.

Before I started, I "measured" it more than a few times to make sure that the pillow would fit inside. I'd place the pillow on the fabric and fold over the fabric to cover the pillow so I could imagine what it would look like. I planned to sew the seams with about an inch of room on both sides. When I "measured", I'd pinch about an inch and a half on both sides (giving less room for the pillow inside than I thought there would actually be after sewing the sides together). This was just to make sure that if I accidentally sewed the seams more narrow than planned, there would still be enough room for my pillow to fit. On that same note, I cringe at floppy juh-loppy pillow covers so I was going for a REALLY tight fit.

And then I went for it! I turned the fabric over so the lined side was right side up and just sewed them together (pattern facing pattern). Since one of the ends would be just folded, I only had to sew 2 straight lines. I put the pillow in and then grabbed out my trusty permanent adhesive. This was the trickier part. One of my pet peeves is sewing a cover for something... why? Because I loathe having to stuff batting or stuffing (or a cushion in this case) into a teeny tiny hole. Since Fabri-tac is sooooo amazing, I was able to put the pillow inside without having to sew 3/4 of the edge and cram the pillow in. After inserting the pillow I just tucked the end seams inside and put the adhesive on one side and held them together for a few minutes. It worked fantastically and looks like a store bought pillow!


And speaking of floppy juh-loppy pillow covers... I'm absolutely going crazy with those floppy flanges on the euro sham. I've looked up ways to stiffen them up and have only found two options: a technique recommended in the way that you fluff up your pillow (stupid and doesn't work) or to sew buckrum fabric to the flange. Has anyone done this?