Project Updates

Hello! We've been hard at work with 3 different projects lately. My hands are dried out from paint thinner and mineral spirits and covered in paint. Not very pretty. I finally decided on a color for the campaign dresser and we are nearly done with Trudy's play kitchen. My 'to do list' is looking quite different so I'll have to do an update on that.

The quote above is something I've had on my mind since the new year. I've really been trying to buy less and spend my money wiser. We are moving in a week to the bay area (dream!), so we've been purging and selling practically all of our furniture. Not all of it, just keeping only the best. It is crazy though, how much of it we are totally okay with getting rid of. Any time I go through our stuff (whether it's a closet or pantry or garage), I'm shocked at how little of it we actually use or even love. Grant and I love to collect cool things from antique or thrift shops etc. and while it's fun.... we kind of sort of start to gather quite the garage full of projects, most of which we never get to. Anywho, it's always nice to get a fresh start somewhere. I want to have a suuuuper organized house with only things we love. Amen.