The Only Piece I Really Cared About

We made it. We are here in San Jose and enjoying the beauty of California. While I'm positive we will only be in this location for a year or so, I think it's safe to say that California will be our permanent home. My husband is from Sacramento so his family is only about 2 hours from us. This will basically be our first time living in the same state as family, I only wish mine were here too!

We picked up my mom in Utah on the drive here from Denver and then she stayed a few days to help out with the chaos of unpacking etc. The house we moved into was built in the 1920's so needless to say... it is old, small and struggles with storage capabilities. I've found myself pretty frustrated with trying to find a place for everything. We spent our last month in Denver selling all of our stuff and donating a lot. We made sure to only come here with the things that we absolutely love, and unfortunately the size of this house makes me feel like we didn't get rid of anything!

I am continuing to organize, unpack and clean each day. As far as being inspired and having ideas for projects, my mind is always full. It's just the time that I'm trying to juggle. We finished our campaign dresser before we got here, it was a huge job. It deserves a post and a half! Sadly (and I mean VERY SADLY), it has a HUGE ding in the front on one of the drawers. And it didn't even happen until after it was moved into this house, in the room and place where I wanted it. My blood boils when I think about who did it and how they did (and yes I know exactly how it happened). I don't regret finishing it prior to the move, it was so much work and I'm so happy we don't have to worry about it here. We will have to just do some touch ups.