There's Crap Everywhere

I feel like my life is in a big jumble right now. Boxes are everywhere, piles of who even knows just spread out all over every bedroom... moving is chaotic. A week from today I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be in our house with a lot less crap. Someone said to me that moving 3 times is equal to having a fire. I'm working hard to make that true, I feel like all I do is fill bags for donating. Which is good, it really is good. I just want to be done! This blog is a little unorganized as well, I've been contemplating making the switch to Squarespace so I'm still trying to get to know their platform and just familiarize myself with how things work (who knew I should have majored in graphic design!) I'm hoping to really get down to business here in a few weeks. Looking forward to a simpler and more organized life. Follow me on my instagram for moving updates, I'll be back to this blog next week!