There might be people out there who don't like or really care about New York Fashion Week but I'm not one of them. I get so excited and check back frequently during each day for updates on the latest shows. I have my favorite designers that I wish I could meet in real life and see how they take their inspirations to the sewing room. Some people are just SO talented... and I love it.

One of my favorites was the Ostwald Helgason collection. As far as I know, the designer pair are fairly new and clearly have an appreciation for color. Inspiration came from a sheer desire to celebrate the happy and beautiful things in life. How wonderful is that? Exactly the reason why I love color so much, it just makes you happy. The fun floral motifs paired with pleated skirts were outfits I'd love to wear. The preppiness and sporty elements are perfect with the bright colors, they take out the seriousness that comes with business casual.

Naeem Khan. Oh man. It was hard for me to pick only two dresses. Absolute gorgeousness all around. Heavy metallic beading, latin influences, embroidery and lace, lace and lace. The colors were so pretty and subtle. All the models wore braided crowns and it was just perfect. I've gone through this collection over and over. It's just amazing.
I love good tailoring. Good tailoring is just so necessary in life... no? I mean it just translates to all things good... sophistication, intelligence, poise, elegance. I loved the shapes in this collection, so refined and crisp. The different blue shades were making me want more blue in my own wardrobe. I think it's so interesting to see the designers at the end of each show, it seems common to find their own outfits resemble their collections.

And last but not least, Christian Siriano. I feel like I have a special connection with him because I watched him win his season of Project Runway. He has such a rad personality and I just want to hang out. I am pretty much obsessed with his whole collection, definitely fierce (I'm so cheesy). It was a little bit of everything and one of the only collections that I felt I would wear anything from. The white dress above? I neeeeeed it!!!