She's Adorable- Miraslava Duma

Mira Mira on the wall, she really is the fairest of them all. It seems so unoriginal to post about Miroslava Duma right now. She is everywhere! But the thing is, I can't help but love her and her adorableness. I think the number one thing that draws me to these girls (in my "she's adorable" series) is the comfort they have in their own skin. I love the way their confidence shines in how they carry themselves, their smiles and then even their personal style.

After working as an editor for the Russian Harper's Bazaar, she realized that the future belonged to web journalism. She founded Buro 24/7, a website dedicated to fashion, art, architecture, cinema, music and style and is now a freelance writer. She is a mommy to a lovely boy (really really loved her maternity style) so no matter what she is clearly a busy and driven woman.

She takes risks with fashion and I love to see her outfits. She is not afraid of bold silhouettes or oversized prints, her style is eclectic and fashion forward. She knows who she is, what she is good at and what she likes. I love seeing her hair at all different lengths and styles. She seems fun and quirky. In an article where she was being interviewed she was asked if she had any special talents, she replied with "I can fly like Batman, but that's another story."