How to Tell If Your Salt Lamp Is Real Right NOW !

The Himalayan salt lamp has a high market demand due to the fact that the salt lamp is believed to have some health benefits. The crystal salt lamp is said to help ease breathing to people with allergies and asthma. Also, it helps in air purification leaving your environment clean with fresh uncontaminated air. For this reason, the Himalayan salt lamp is quite expensive and the price ranges top most of the charts. This has led to the emergence of a lot of phony lamp salt whose manufacturers want to gain a profit by producing fake salt lamps. There are a few things to look out for to make sure that your salt lamp is the real deal.

How to Tell If Your Salt Lamp Is Real

The light is not bright

The light given out by this lamp salts is not that bright and it is slightly dull and can’t light up your entire room. Basically, they are not supposed to light up your room because they are not normal lights and this uniqueness is the major way to identify a fake salt lamp. The reason behind the dullness of this salt lamp is because of refraction in the salt crystals causing the light to be bounced at different angles. Unfortunately, if your salt is providing too much light and it is really bright am afraid you bought a fake salt lamp. At this point, you must really consider getting your money back or getting yourself a real Himalayan salt lamp.


They are not very durable

It’s salt so technically they are not supposed to be durable. Just assume it’s a lamp made from normal table salt and it falls down obviously it will break. For this reason, the Himalayan lamp salts are packed in special ways because most of them get damaged during transportation. You don’t have to crush your salt lamp on the floor to find out if it’s real or a fake one. Just take a butter knife and scrape off with it and see if it chips a little bit. So if your salt lamp has rolled off the table a few times and you have seen no signs of wear and tear then am afraid that your Himalayan salt lamp is as fake as it can get.

Place of origin is indicated

You guessed right the Himalayan salt lamp comes from the Himalayan ranges in Pakistan. So if you bought a salt lamp it must be traced back all the way from Pakistan. Himalayan ranges are the only ones that provide the original salt lamp.  This salt is mined in the ranges and transported to various manufacturing companies. Always ask the salt maker’s about the salt’s place of origin. A point to note is that some Himalayan salt lamps are assembled at different places in the world and this should not be a problem.


Moisture resistant

We all know from the basic science knowledge that salt absorbs water and moisture from the environment. This leads to your salt lamp sweating when exposed to moisture and it may start melting. So if your salt lamp is near the shower and it seems to be ok then most probably you have a fake Himalayan salt lamp. Moreover, if your salt lamp is dipped in warm water and it doesn’t change then I would vote on the fact that it is fake. Himalayan salt lamp tends to smooth out the edges when dipped in water but this does not necessarily mean you dip it in water because it might lead to unnecessary loses.


It’s quite expensive

The Himalayan salt lamp is quite pricey and most people consider it a luxury. This is because of the cost of production; the salt is mined from the Himalayan ranges in Pakistan. The mining process is quite an expensive and tedious work so the price tag of the product definitely goes a notch high. Also, the cost of transporting and packing the product is also high since the salt lamps are very fragile and they need special care and packaging. When handles wrongly the salt lamps may all break and is damaged. This leads to the Himalayan salt lamp being that expensive.


The color of the salt lamp

The Himalayan salt lamp has a salmon-pink color that is close to orange. Although there are some crystal salt lamps that are white or even grey obviously they are a bit costly than the salmon-pink ones. But finding a salt lamp that is really pink raises all the alarm bells that it is a fake. The Himalayan salt lamp should never be a hot pink or fascia in color because that surely proves that it is a fake. Due to the rareness of the white salt crystals, this makes them very expensive. So if you find a white salt lamp that is cheaper than the colored ones then that automatically means that the salt lamp is a fake one.

It does not have the salty taste

It’s salt so it should taste like salt. If you are unsure of the taste just lick it and find out. The Himalayan salt lamp is probably contaminated so you should wipe it fast before licking it. And by licking it I don’t mean like an ice cream cone or a lollipop. Just lick it with the tip of your tongue and find out if it’s real salt. If your salt lamp does not taste anything like salt then am afraid you got a fake one and you should return it or better still find yourself a new salt lamp.


Number of reviews of the product

Most of the lamp salts are bought from Amazon. Make sure you research and read most of the reviews because there is bound to have at least one person who has bought the lamps salts and knows how they work. This always gives you a clue of whether the lamps salt is real or not.



Get yourself the perfect salt lamp to lighten up your moods and give you all the health benefits. Don’t be fooled by all these new salt lamps in the market which are fake and get yourself the real deal. We hope this article has helped you.

All the best!

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